Adding exemplification statements to objectives

Sorry - another request from me!

Some of our objectives are currently quite unwieldy to read because they include clarification/exemplification statements. For example, one of our Y4 Reading objectives is:

Summarise key points of a chapter - Children are able to summarise the key points taken from a chapter, for example by picking out the main topics or key events.

For ease of reference and saving space when printing, it would be ideal if the actual objective could be shorter (i.e just the part in bold), and the additional detail (in italics) were just available on screen for teachers (perhaps as a tooltip type pop-up, or by clicking on the text).

Hi @Michael_Tidd1, no need to apologise - please keep the suggestions coming, it’s how we shape the development of Insight!

Totally agree with you on this one, I know lots of schools would benefit from this. It’s on the Roadmap here, under the ‘Up Soon’ section. I’ve made a note to let you know once this becomes available, and of course we’ll be on hand to help re-organise your statements if useful.

:+1: I’ll look forward to it! Thanks

Hi @Michael_Tidd1, hope you’re well! Just wanted to let you know that we’ve implemented this feature, so you can now add “extra details” to your objectives, meaning that the core of the objective statement itself can be kept simple. The additional information can be accessed via a link next to the objective, and is also visible at the point of making assessments, when we thought teachers might need it most.

I’ve already contact Schoolsworks to see if they’d like us to revisit how the Trust’s objectives are presented, as I believe your schools all use the same statements, so watch this space!

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Excellent news - I have had a little play on our setup, but yes, we’ll see if we go for a trust-wide change.