Adding the Engagement Model to tracking

I would like to add the Engagement Model to the list of assessments available - I saw this demonstrated on the recent training video, but can’t seem to access it.

Hi Tom,

It would be great if we could help with that!

The Engagement Model does become statutory from September 2021 for primary schools with pupils that are not engaged in subject specific study. However, there is no statutory requirement to submit any data relating to the engagement model to the DfE and there is no prescribed - or even suggested - way of recording assessment data. Pupils will probably be reported as BLW but it is up to you how you assess and categorise those pupils beyond that broad assessment.

In Insight we can add a new assessment called ‘Engagement Model,’ for example, and we can create a simple, bespoke mark scheme for you to record. For some schools we have set it up as a PITA mark scheme like this:

The assessment then links to the 5 areas: exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence and initiation which would be set up as a new subject group. We would recommend creating a separate assessment type for this data.

Please get in touch with the support team via email - - or by clicking the ‘Help’ button (top right of your Insight screen) if you’d like that set up!