Assessments shown on pupil page

Would it be possible for assessments to line up horizontally across the year of each pupil?

Hi @Maria_Gore, what sort of assessments have you got in mind? It is something other than main assessments that aren’t lining up?

There are some technical reasons why this might be tricky to do, but if you email an example to of a specific pupil where it’s a problem we’ll take a look and see if we can make any recommendations.

My PUMA in maths please if you can . It would not take up any more space.

Thanks @Jo_Smith, I can see what you mean now. I think this is something we could potentially improve at some point. I’ve added it to our list of requests so it will definitely get looked at in the future, though I can’t make any promises right now I’m afraid.

Thank you for the feedback!

thank you for your reply

Hi @Maria_Gore and @Jo_Smith. Just to let you know that we’ve amended the design of the pupil page over the summer to ensure that assessments with the same assessment name line up horizontally. I hope this improves the readability of the report for you! Let me know what you think.