Attainment report - bar chart uncoloured but pupil data exists

I can get a ‘populated’ bar chart for ‘average depth’, and ‘show pupil names’ shows the data, but the graph remains empty - any ideas?

Fault occurs with different subjects and different year groups.


Is the data stored under a different term to the one you have selected?

Hi Jamie,
Sorry, no. The screen shot shows it all.
Main Assessment (Scaled Score), Teacher Assessment and Ave.depth all populate the graph.
No data entered in Autumn or Spring.

  1. Objective entry - dated

    • Settings for attainment overview report

The ave depth to % secure ‘toggle’ removes all colour.

Ah! That’s because there is no definition of below, almost inline, expected and above for % secure. That’s something we may need to have a discussion about. Is it possible to come up with some logical, albeit arbitrary, thresholds?

That makes sense - I looked for where I might set that, but found no option.
Alternatively a simple “How many (or %) of children are (e.g.) 71 - 80, 81 - 90 %secure” etc might be helpful. We could argue the ‘arbitrary’ for a long time!

that would need to be done in a separate report; not attainment overviews. The first problem with assigning colours to % secure (to date) is: what is blue (above)? 100% means no gaps. That’s not above; that’s expectation surely? So above would be assessment in year above, but that’s what we’re trying to avoid.

Tricky and probably not a problem that needs a solution.

I’ve spent the last two years agreeing with you (and you introduced “arbitrary thresholds” into the conversation - which probably now needs to move outside INSIGHT.) However, I know there are children in my Year 6 (cohort size = 9) who do not have a secure grasp of 100% of the NC curriculum who went on to achieve a 100+ scaled score. If I could find a correlation there (and extrapolate to earlier year groups) … Somehow I’m looking to replace uncertainty with something a bit clearer, for parents, governors the children themselves and the staff that teach them in order to set a direction for school improvement.
Email me if you want,
Speak soon,

This suggests you got your assessment right. There are plenty who had lots of 100% secure pupils who found it didn’t translate into results, which is why so many schools have had a nasty surprise. Need to err on side of caution, not give benefit of the doubt.

There will be a huge postmortem going on. It’s going to take a while to work out what secure/expected/on track/ARE really is.

Hi both. If you do decide you want to evaluate your % Secure data in order to produce an Overview report we can set this up for you. We just need to know those thresholds! Eg in Y1, Autumn 1, what range of percentages is ‘expected’, ‘above’ etc.

Would another option be to split the results into quintiles - show the % of pupils who’ve secured 0-20% of objectives, 20-40%, etc? The bar chart wouldn’t need to be coloured to do this, so you can avoid having to set thresholds if there’s a danger of these being arbitrary, but it would be a way of breaking down the data and comparing performance of groups. @andrewdavey what are your thoughts? I know we already do this on the Ladders and the Progress Matrix.

In my opinion, inventing arbitrary thresholds is problematic. I reckon we need a much larger dataset over quite a few years to have any certainty of thresholds.

Paul, have you considered getting teachers to enter an overall “summative assessment”, alongside the calculated data?This would be based on their own judgement of pupils’ attainment.

These teacher assessments can then be used in the Insight cohort reports.

Let me know if you’d like this option switched on so you can have a play.

Not sure what would need to get switched on - I have done this for Year 6 using the ‘New’ assessment name “Teacher Assessment” and the SATS 2016+ TA mark scheme.
Once it was pointed out what “wasn’t working,” I realised the problem was the question I was asking, rather than functionality of the system.

The second option, proportions of children with (quintiles etc) secure+ might be one to explore in the future.
Thank you all for your thoughts.

We can configure the Objectives grid so that it’s possible to enter a summative teacher assessment right above the grid, as below. This is designed more for entering broad teacher judgements about how pupils are doing each term, rather than for SATS and other statutory assessments. But may prove useful in future.