Attainment year v chronological year in summative section

We are new to using this system so apologies if I am missing something.

I teach year 4 but have some children at other attainment years e.g.y2 and Y3 a few that have NO objectives attained in Y4.
At the working within it remains Y4 even though the objective should reflect working within Y2.
Is there anyway we can have:
attainment year not chronological year at working within row at top of objectives summative section.
The % also seems to go up according to objectives secured in Y2 which is confusing as they are not working within Y4 so the percentage/decimal I would have thought should be below 0 if they at not working AT y4?
Again apologies if I have completely missed something.

Hello @Rachael_Boiling, I’m sorry I didn’t see this post sooner. Would you mind emailing with an example of a pupil who is saying Working Within Y4 but should be Y2, and I’ll investigate the details for you. It would be useful to know which subject too.

We’re also working on some updates to the objectives grid which should make it much easier to analyse children who are working out of year, and to make sense of where the summary data comes from - watch this space!