Average Depth ranges


From September, we are planning to use the average depth scores for reading, writing and maths to create progress markers.

To do this, we are going to set ‘ranges’ of point scores that would relate to whether a child has made significant progress from one term to another (e.g. an 0.5 - 0.8 increase in average depth score from Autumn to Spring, might say they are working at a level of ‘Secure progress’, with more or less than this relating to ‘Less than secure progress’ or ‘Accelerated Progress’.)

I’m firstly interested if any other schools are planning to assess in this way or similar, and also am keen for Insight to help us with it!


Hi Jo,

Have you considered what happens if some children have Average Depth of about 2.0 at each assessment point?

Average Depth is only calculated from objectives that have been assessed to date. So for example, in Maths, would it be reasonable to expect children to have most secured all the topics you’d covered in the Autumn? Therefore they could have an Average Depth of 2.0.

For those children, “expected” progress would to remain at 2.0 over the year.

All that said, I think it may be possible to use Insight’s “Overviews - Progress” report in the way you’ve described.

Best regards,

Hi Andrew - I think I might need to have a conversation with you in regards to this at some point if that is ok? Then I can explain what we what to do in terms of assessing the progress made and see if you can help us use Insight to record it.

I’ve been reading up on the Yearly Bands Mark-Scheme, and wonder whether this might be able to be used.


Hi Jo - Yes, I’m always happy to discuss the options. Feel free to give me a call. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Will do Andrew.

We tried to use Average depth to measure progress last year but it didn’t work out, one of the reasons was the one that Andrew gave and the children just did not make that kind of steady numeric progress. We have gone to using teacher judgement to say whether a child has made slow progress, good or rapid progress. It is not an exact Science and we have a lot of moderating and standardising to do with it but it has given us an end of year marker for which children to look out for at the beginning of next year that were considered as making slow progress. Happy to discuss more if it’s something you might be interested in. Are any other schools doing something similar that we could compare with?

Hi Charlotte - thanks for responding.

As a school. we are still keen to try to use Average Depth scores to measure progress. We have been working on creating ranges of scores that should correlate with progress whether that be expected or accelerated etc. I’m certainly interested to hear how you get on with the teacher judgements.