Changes to Average Depth

We discovered a problem with the way Average Depth was getting evaluated (coloured) by Insight. The system was rounding the average to the nearest whole number in order to give it a colour.

However, where the Average Depth fell directly between two whole numbers it was getting rounded inconsistently:

0.5 -> 0
1.5 -> 2
2.5 -> 2

A better rounding system has now been implemented in Insight:

0.5 -> 1
1.5 -> 2
2.5 -> 3

If you have been using Average Depth in cohort reports, then you may want to re-run them for last year, in case any children were on the boundary and have moved.

Finally, we now have the option to customise how Insight evaluates Average Depth. If, for example, you’d prefer a different range of numbers to be “green” please contact and we can customise it for you.

Hi Andrew, we are in need of the average depth related ‘colours’ to fit with our attainment ranges. I know I sent you some info before the Summer, but I’ll email our thoughts around this to you now if that’s ok.