Changing objective

Using NC14 we have written our own end of year expectations for each year group ‘bespoke’ for our school. We hope that these will form our objectives for next year. What is the best way to import them into Insight? Will this year become archived as a result?

Hi Robin,

This is an interesting question, because we need to be careful if you have assessments entered for the existing objectives. Ideally, we don’t want to lose/archive any existing data!

It’s probably best to send us the objectives in a spreadsheet, so I can take a look. (Email )

My longer term plan is to give each objective a “date range” for which it applies. This will then let us handle additions and removals to the curriculum over time.

We’re looking at doing this too. Just how painful was the process of writing your own objectives?!

Hi Sam,
Writing our own took up much of our staff meetings during one term. Staff sat in teams to write based on the new National Curriculum. Process was led by my maths and english leads, all staff were able to help create.
Hopefully have something that will work.