Choice of objectives

We are fairly new to Insight and I’m looking at making some adjustments to make it work better for us next year. I’m interested to know what others have done in terms of objective statements and where they are taken from. Maths is straightforward as the PoS is set out in such a way that each year group is separate, but English is much trickier with Reading and Writing statements covering Y3/4 and Y5/6. We ‘dabbled’ with the NAHT KPI’s but this didn’t really work for us. Keen to hear what others have chosen or how they make it work for them?

Hi Sam,
We have used South Glos for reading and writing objectives - they are broken down per year group which has been great. We have also used the interim frameworks for years 2 and 6 to help us pick out the ‘non-negotiables’ for each year group (we’ve also done this for maths). We’ve made these Key Objectives on Insight which means only these objectives are used to calculate the pupil’s Average Depth scores.
Hope this helps.

This is really helpful, thank you. Are the South Glos materials available for all or is it a resource you have bought in?

No probs. We have bought into this I’m afraid!

No worries at all I appreciate the input. We’re looking at doing similar, so knowing what’s been useful it always good.

No problems… Good luck! Jo

Hi Sam,

We have been working with insight for a while now and came across this same issue - the way we are attempting to manage it is to have the same objectives for both Y3/4 and Y5/6. Children are expected to be secure by the end of the second year and therefore it is most likely that Y3 and Y5 grids will be populated with 1s by the end - In order to show progress/attainment we utilise the Teacher assessment box at the top - it is from the TA that I generate graphs to share with governors etc.

I know some others have gone for an interpretation at a Y5 level or Y3 level and left it to teacher judgement - However we felt this was very subjective and for some statements impossible to differentiate ie. using a dictionary etc.

Hope this helps.


In case it helps, it is possible in Insight to have statements which cover a period of multiple years, eg Y5-6 or Y5/6. So some schools are using the national curriculum statements verbatim without breaking them down.

This does mean that your expectation for Average Depth and % Secured to Date at the end of Y5 would not necessarily be 2 and 100% respectively. For that reason (and others) we’d recommend adopting a general teacher assessment alongside this, with simple judgements like Well Below, Below, Just Below, On-track and Above.

You can’t beat a teacher’s judgement of how their pupils are doing, and this gives you a simple, intuitive set of judgements to work with for your cohort analysis as @Tony_Larner mentioned. The detailed objective summaries are there for when you need to interrogate these further or evidence them, which is easier now that summative assessments can be viewed and entered right above the objectives grid (contact us if you need that configured!)

Hi Sarah, is this something you could configure for us please?

Hi Sam, I’m sure we can set this up for you - I’ll email you a few questions regarding your current data!

This is exactly the same query we have! Just bought into insight and was wondering which way to go… I can see, although we all want it cut and dried, that it may well be very tricky to clearly split the objectives for English. @Tony_Larner (hi it is Laura returned from MAT leave-hope all well?) have you found it to work well using the TA main assessment and seeing it as a two year attainment? I am assuming you take a snapshot teacher assessment at each half term and generate tables from this? Thank you in advance.

Sorry! Just realised this is a VERY old thread :slight_smile:

Hi @Susan_Thornley, no harm in reviving an old thread - choice of objectives is such a common concern for schools! Some have been through the process of creating their own curriculum and deciding on their non-negotiables for each year, which is probably the most recommended approach to work towards over time. Many schools use freely or commercially available statement banks, or statements provided by their LA, as a starting point, and these usually break down the English statements into year groups. It would be good to hear from schools about how they’re getting on with the frameworks they’ve picked!