Class Profile - exemplars

Hi, has anyone come up with a class profile style report, whereby a cohort’s key make up: boys, girls,SEND, Disad etc can be combined with how the cohort are performing, any help greatly appreciated! Thanks Dan

Would this work for you? It is the Key Group Summary under Cohorts

This is only our year2s in one class but can be unfiltered to just have the class

yes that’s perfect, can I be totally thick and ask how you create such a thing!

Go to cohorts at the top of the page and select key groups,
Ensure you are on 2018/2019 and then filter via class or year groups.
Fill in the subject and term you want to analyse and it does the rest for you.

many thanks that’s very easy, wish some of the cohort’s data looked better!

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Anytime! Been using Insight for a year now and keep finding new charts.