Combined attainment printout

Hi. Is there a way that I can printout the names of pupils from each section of the combined RWM Venn diagrams?

Hi @Daniel_Hemming, good question - thanks! There’s no way to do that at the moment I’m afraid. Sorry! I’ll add it to our list of requests on the roadmap here for future though.

You could do it using a table, by inserting ARE columns. Bit longwinded to set up, but it would work. It gives a yes/no value for each pupil depending on whether they meet set criteria eg at expected or above in 1/2/3 subjects combined. You can then export the table to excel, add filters to column headings and filter as required. Think you’d need 7 columns: one for ARE in individual subjects, one for ARE in RWM combined, and a column for ARE in R+W, R+M, and W+M.

As I say, it’s a bit longwinded but it would do the job, and once you’ve created the table it’s done.

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