Comments section in Pupil Profile

We use the comments section as a way of keeping together information about children. It would be useful if we could share this as a transition document for teachers, which they could print. Is it possible that the comments could be added as an option when creating a table?

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By “transition document” do you mean to pass on to the new class teacher, ready for the next academic year?

If so, could that new teacher review the comments directly within Insight? Next year they’d still be available under the previous year group tab in the Pupils page.

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood you.

Yes, that is what I mean (for the new class teacher). I know that they can look at each child individually - our staff are saying that it would be easier if the could have them all on one page or document.

OK that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. It’s not something we can do right now, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

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