Ever SEND category

Now we have the wonderful automated groups for PP, EverFSM, etc., I wonder how easy it would to add another.
We have a number of children who were on the SEN register, but have made good progress following intervention and so are removed… meaning they don’t count in final tallies of SEND outcomes. It would be really useful for us to have an EverSEND group, based on the same idea as the Ever6 model, i.e. once a child has ever been listed as being on the SEND register, they would become part of the EverSEND group, regardless of whether they stay on the register.
Is that possible to automate?

Thanks for the suggestion. Currently it would involve creating your own custom group.

Automating it is feasible. I’ll add the request to our list. If we get more schools asking about it, then we’ll look into implementing the feature.