Expected+ figure

Bit of a feature request:
I’m not sure where it would be best placed, but on the Attainment overview graphs, it would save me just a little valuable time if there were an easy-to-see percentage for Expected+. Obviously I can add up the in-line/above figures, but given that that combined figure is something we’re so often looking at or asked for, it would be really useful if it were easily visible on that same page. Could it perhaps go underneath the ‘Average’ figure?

Thanks for the feedback.

I think we’ve given you a link to the still-under-development Pivot Table report. (Let me know if not.) That now has a cell calculation called “% At/Above Expected”, which should do what you need.

Aha - of course. Should have thought to look there.

And you can add an ARE column to a table to show expected+ for each individual subject and combined, each term if you like. Once you’ve built your ARE table you could select all year groups and then choose group by year group. This will show expected+ for all subjects, each term, for all year groups all in one neat table.

Thanks Jamie - are you able to add this to our account? I agree, a Exp+ figure is very helpful.

Hi Charles - if you contact support@insighttracking.com we can give you the link to the new report.