EYFS age comparison

We are new to insight and are using it from September to track an FS2 cohort. I’ve had a little play around but was wondering if the ages of the child (in months) is used to compare where we record the child to be working at e.g. 30-50 months developing. This would allow us to say if they were working below, at or above expectations.

Hi Emily,

Insight doesn’t work that way because the bands are so broad and also overlapping. We experimented with this in the past and found that it didn’t work very well.

So now the evaluation of the bands is defined using a grid like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a332v7mm0k7kd9s/EYFS%20evaluation.xlsx?dl=0

We can however customise which band is “expected” for each point in time. Please contact support@insighttracking.com if you need help with that.