EYFS: Data entered via Objectives tab but no graphs!

Hi there,

All the data/assessments were entered via the ‘objectives’ tab but when it comes to looking at the data via the many graphs on offer nothing appears.

I don’t want to ask all the teachers to re-enter the info as ‘main assessment’ (which does populate the graphs), so if anyone can suggest how the data can be read/converted, I’d be very grateful.

Also, what have we done wrong when entering the data?

Hi Rychard,

Thanks for getting in touch and asking about this, as it’s a fairly common question.

The objective-level assessments are designed for ongoing, formative assessment. Insight doesn’t generate a summative teacher assessment on the basis of these formative assessments, since we believe a formula can never replace a teacher’s own assessment and this can end up causing other problems (we have explored the possibility of this however, so if you think it’s crucial for you, let me know below how you’d want it to work!) You can look at half-termly summary information about your objective via most of Insight reports, however. You just need to choose the appropriate assessment name - in your school’s current setup, this would either be Average Depth or % Secured.

EYFS is a bit of a special case. For most UK schools, we recommend starting out with the overall teacher assessment using Development Matters. This allows Insight to calculate whether pupils are on-track for or have achieved the Good Level of Development, and in the summer term means that Insight can automatically calculate the EYFS Profile grades (Emerging/Expected/Exceeding), while allowing you to see exactly where each pupil ended up (eg you can see that a pupil reached 30-50+ or 40-60-, which is useful for you, while being able to automatically report their Emerging judgement as needed.

Whether you then need to do any objective-level assessment at EYFS is for each school to decide. There’s a lot of workload involved in assessing every Development Matters statement, and it’s perhaps not needed - or not needed to be stored in a tracking system if this creates unnecessary workload. Or, if you’re not in need of the features mentioned above as an international school, then it may be that tracking the objective-level assessments alone is enough for you, provided you can do the analysis you need.

Sorry for the length of reply - hope the above is useful. I’d love to hear what you think!

advice please as a new user,
Am i right in thinking that if I ‘enter data’ it will produce a summative report/graph on that particular data only and if i update the objectives to a 1,2,3 (eyfs) that is a separate formative measure and the two do not marry up?

can you only input data as a general subject tvia the 'enter data tab without marking against specific objectives?

Yes broadly speaking, the formative assessments (entered against objectives) are separate from the summative assessments (e.g. Overall teacher judged Main Assessment entered termly).

Most of Insight’s cohort reporting features pull in the summative assessments.

The Objectives page of Insight can be used to assess against objectives, but also at the top there is a row to enter the summative Main Assessments as well. This is an alternative to going via the Enter Data menu, as sometimes it’s handy to have everything on one screen.