EYFS outomes as prior attainment in Key Group Summary?

I was wondering if the Emerging / Expected / Exceeding outcomes could be used to group pupils in the Key Group Summary, in exactly the same way that the KS 1 Attainment Bands (Higher / Middle / Lower / Missing) automatically appear (so grouped, rather than filter) . This could be turn-off-able for Year 3 and above? Thank you.


Insight has recently added a grouping option for EYFS GLD. So in theory this could be added to the Key Groups list.

However, the GLD isn’t quite what you asked… When you say group by “Emerging / Expected / Exceeding”, of which subjects do you mean, and how are they combined?

Hi Andrew,
Once EYFS is completed, primarily I look at the Reading, Writing and combine the 2 maths areas, lowest of the 2 determining overall Maths. Although many frown upon the practice, I notice the new RaiseOnline will also use EYFS outcomes when reporting progress across Key Stage One. Controversial! Perhaps this is one to put on the back-burner until we can see how they do it.
Whether others will want to see how, for example, the Personal, social and emotional development goals make a difference, I can’t say. Paul

Hi Paul and Andrew,
I was trying something along the same lines today. I wanted to look at progress of individuals from Foundation stage to end of KS1 and then KS2 using the progress matrices. I wanted to look at their starting point in FS for reading and how it mapped to their phonic score. I then wanted to look at the maths starting point and the KS1 maths scaled score. Couldn’t work out why the matrix had “No dat”. Then it occurred to me that maths in FS is numbers and SSM whereas maths in Y2 is Maths - no direct match! However, is it possible to map from the exit profile in FS for numbers to the scaled score at end of Y2? Andrew - I shall be asking this at the workshop this week!

I eventually solved the problem - not very elegantly - by creating groups in the “Enter data” part. Group titles like “EYFS2015-Maths-Emerging” - potentially 9 groups (Emerging, Developing, Secure in each core subject). However, this did allow me to interrogate attainment data based on prior attainment, and with some tweaking in tables (I think) I could compare the different groups all together on a page. Sadly they don’t come up under Key Groups which is what I was hoping for. These intervention groups need a start date (suggest end of EYFS) and no finish date.

Hope that helps.

Eventually I intend to send the INSIGHT team my Attainment and Progress report to governors (It’s the same data after all!) and ask them if Insight could be made to produce similar in a couple of clicks!

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Perhaps we could enhance the progress matrix report to allow different subjects to be selected for the “from” and “to” assessments.

This may need to be hidden as an “advanced option” somewhere, too keep the report mostly simple for people…

Hi @Paul_Batchelor ,

Sorry I’m late to the discussion, but wasn’t sure if you were aware that we can add your custom group titles to your Key Groups, if you always want to see them. If you’d like me to set that up just email support@insighttracking.com with the details :slight_smile:

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Sarah Davey

The progress matrix report now lets you choose different From and To subjects. So this should help you @Paul_Batchelor and @Nikki_Cotterill