EYFS progress from on entry


Is there any way that Insight could measure progress made by pupils from On Entry in EYFS
(Less than secure progress / secure progress / more than secure progress)??

Hi Jo, what are you trying to measure progress to? From YR entry to later in reception, or from YR entry to another year? Will the marks be of the same kind?

Hi Sarah.

We would really like to show progress from on entry for EYFS to the end of the year. We are looking at children ‘roughly’ making a jump each term i.e. 30-50- (on entry) to 30-50= (Dec) to 30-50+ (March) to 40-60- (June/end of year) - in an ideal world!!

If chn have made 3 x ‘jumps’ during the year, they have made Expected Progress. Less than 3 jumps would be Less than expected progress, and more than 3 jumps would be More than expected progress.

Is this something Insight could record for us??

I hope that makes sense!!!


That does make sense, thanks. Insight automatically counts those jumps if you’re using the Development Matters mark-scheme, so you should be able to find the data you’re after. However we might need to convert your summer data from the EYFS Profile mark-scheme over to the Development Matters mark-scheme to do this. If you’d like me to do that, send me over an email to sarah@insighttracking.com.

The Progress Matrix will give you a non-numerical view of progress even with those two types of marks you currently have. That will let you talk about the progress made without having to have a numerical measure.

If we put all your data into the one mark-scheme, you’ll be able to load the Progress Overviews and choose your start and end points, then enter expected progress of ‘3’ to get a summary of how many pupils made good progress.

Or create a Table with a progress column - if you tell it your expectation for progress it will colour the results for you. Hope this helps!

Fantastic Sarah! That is exactly what we are after. Thanks very much. I’ll email you re. changing the data over for on exit (Summer 2).

Thanks again,