EYFS splitting the areas

I have been asked by my EYFS lead if we can / how we can:

  1. How can we split the assessment down into all 17 areas, rather than the high level 7.

  2. Can we show predicted progress based on each main assessment input. Ie if they are 30-50a at baseline where should they be in June in relation to ELG. This would then help her to see gaps and track progress - we have this currently on a spreadsheet but don’t know how to see it on INSIGHT but don’t think I can without the first issue being resolved.

Does this make sense?


Splitting the EYFS objectives is something we can do. It’s quite a bit of work though, and we have to make sure no one from your school is using Insight while we do it. Please email support@insighttracking.com to arrange a good time for this update to happen.

Let’s then have a chat about your second question.

Thank you - I have sent an email.