Filtering on Attainment in Tables

It would be very useful if we could filter on attainment when creating a table. I would be looking to be able to filter all the children who were below or working towards etc at their last, or at a given, assessment point across the whole school.

Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch. The idea of filtering by prior attainment comes up quite a lot. We hear from schools are looking for a filter/grouping option that lets them select an assessment point and then filter/group according to its results. Unfortunately, we can’t currently do it but I have suggested it to our developers as a possible future update.

You can sort pupils according to their attainment in a table by clicking at the top of the column. So you could add a column for a particular set of data and sort pupils according to these results. You could then use this column to compare with a second column of data.

If you wanted to compare a two assessments, a previous assessment point and a current assessment point for example, a Progress Matrix would do this very well. We have this help guide for using these.

We would be happy to talk this through on the phone if you had a specific set of results in mind. Feel free to get in touch on 020 3393 4005 or drop us an email -