Governor access

Would you like to grant your governors access to Insight? They could have their own login, but be restricted to only high-level reports (no pupil details).

Alternatively, instead of them being able to login any time, how about a switch you can flip when showing them Insight on your laptop? This switch would anonymise the pupil details.

Which approach would work best for you?

Hi Andrew - really interested in both of your suggestions actually. Having login details for Govs for the top end data i.e. end of key stage etc would be fantastic and really ensure that the Governors are able to challenge and support us.

I also like the idea of being able to switch to an anonymised view which could be useful when presenting data to Govs, LA, Ofsted etc.


Yes - both options would be really useful - it would help minimise all the printing when I meet with just a few governors to really trawl through pupil data. Excellent.

This sounds good for us too - really like the idea!

Both would be good - switching off names would be great for training other people too!

Thanks for all the feedback so far!

It would be useful to know if there’s any information you wouldn’t want your governors to be able to see. For example, if we only hide names, it would still be possible for them to add dates of birth and other identifying information on a table. Would it be preferable to hide all personal information like that? Date of birth, gender, start date, SEN etc. Or perhaps it’s only date of birth and name that matter?

A switch/filter would be best. We tend to take Governors through the data ‘live’ at our school.

Hi Sarah,
I would say that pupil name and DOB are the only things that would be preferably hidden. Gender / SEND is often an area of discussion for Govs in terms of data.

We had a gov meeting last night and I mentioned this - they were very keen. I would probably want to start the process with using the filter via my own log in when presenting data to them… their own log ins would be a bit further down the line potentially.


Hi…I’m a bit late to this but I just wanted to say that this sounds great. Our Governors are keen to see the data prior to our meetings so that they have their questions ready, so the login sounds best for that (with name and dob missing), and only the overall tables. Filters on my log-in would be less useful but still welcome. Thanks.

We’ve added a new “Private Mode” to Insight. When switched on, this hides pupil names and dates of birth.

Private Mode is accessible from the My Account menu (top-right).

Please give this new feature a try and let us know if you have any feedback!

P.S. Governor logins are also in the works, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hi, I am about to use Private mode for a Governor training session after half term, and I am sure that some of them will ask if it is possible to access Insight - have Governor Logins been launched yet? It would be good if they could still filter groups but with out any identifiable info - I am sure our new Pupil Premium Governor will be keen to have a look at our groups.

Hi Hayley, I hope the session goes well! I’m afraid the dedicated governor logins are still a work in progress. We’ve been working hard on a major overhaul of the objectives grids to improve visibility into children working out of year, so this has taken priority for the moment. It is still on our list but apologies to your governors in the meantime! Best, Sarah

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Hi @Hayley_Earl, it has been a while but I’m glad to say that Governor logins has now been launched! Go to Admin > Manage Staff to add your governors or other staff, and set their permissions. We’ll be updating all our help guides shortly!

Would be really interested in finding out more about this.

Hi everyone… we’ve just introduced different levels of access for users. We’ll be sending out an email shortly to explain how this works and what you need to do to set your staff’s permissions. Watch this space!

Hi Sarah. How do I sort out access for Governor’s? we already use the private mode but would be useful for them to have a login.

Hi @Lucy_Collins, you can add them just as though you were adding a normal member of staff, and just set their access level to be ‘Governor’. This guide has all the steps: Managing Your Staff List. Hope this helps.

A quick Q about Private mode.
I’m downloading some Progress matrices with ‘Pupil 001’ etc for Governors, but need to stop for a few hours today and return when SATS results are published in a few days. Are the pupil numbers randomised ‘on the fly’ or consistent between logged in sessions?

My ‘Alice’ is 006 in Year 6 - but when I add multiple Year Groups to progress matrices, what happens to Year 5’s 006. Would it be an idea to have the pupil numbers randomised across ALL the pupils from the school, regardless of the filter / grouping chosen for ‘display’? That way pupil 109 could be looked at in different graphs without danger of confusion.

Paul - I’ve replied to your email as well, but responding here as well in case others are wondering…

Currently the numbering used by Insight when in private mode doesn’t guarantee consistency across reports. Essentially, we assign numbers to pupils in the order we read them from the database. So if you have different filters on you get different numbers. Or if a pupil is archived one day, that would affect the numbering next time a report is run.

I see why you may want to compare pupils across consistently reports. So perhaps we need some kind of fixed pseudonymous number assignment instead.