How to delete incorrect data

I’m fairly new to Insight. Can I ask if there is a quick way to delete information that has been added via excel? I have changed the name of an assessment header but can’t find out how to remove the older version and stop it showing on the individual pupil page.

Hi Vicki,

If you’re an Admin user of Insight, then click on Admin > Change school settings > Assessment Names. On that page you can change the list of available names.

If you have any problems please contact the team: who will be happy to help.

Hi @Vicki_Rayner, Admin users can also try out our new tool under Admin > Transfer Assessments. You can use this to “move” assessments from one Assessment Name to another. Depending on what you were trying to do, that might be the best way to fix up data that’s gone in incorrectly.

If you need anything deleting altogether, best to contact support.