Insight Sandbox

I think it would be a really useful feature to have an Insight ‘Sandbox’ - i.e. a virtual school instance of Insight, that could be used for staff development purposes.

Often teachers are afraid of doing something wrong to the live data, so it would be a useful tool to help training. In other examples where I’ve seen similar types of things being done, the data is reset every evening.

It would also be great for us to onboard new staff, to give them some access to our tools before they actually join thus avoiding data protection issues.

I can definitely see the benefits @Ben_Rothwell. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve seen this elsewhere as well.

What makes it interesting for Insight specifically is that for it to be most useful you’d probably need a sandbox per school account, and have it configured to match the school’s settings. Not a small feat. We’ll give it some thought.