Is there a list of the assessment plugins that Insight offers?

I’m new to IT, and it seems that there is a huge set of assessments that it can cope with which are available if we contact insight (e.g. I phoned the other day and EYFS tracking was added quickly).
Is there a list then of the different sets of data that can be added into IT if we need them? Thanks.

Hi @Charles_Applegate - great question! Insight’s been built in such a way that we can customise it to support most types of data and most sets of objectives, so it might be quite difficult to compile a list.

I believe what we added for you was the Development Matters statements and ELGs, for formative assessment in the early years. We do have a couple of other pre-processed sets of objectives, including:

  • The National Curriculum, for core and foundation subjects
  • The NAHT KPIs
  • Michael Tidd’s key objectives including the collaborative foundation assessment journies
  • The KS1/2 Assessment Frameworks (although there are some caveats with tracking these as objectives!)
  • P-Scales

If there’s anything else in particular you’re looking for, it’s always worth emailing us as we’ll either have it ready to go or can help you load it in.