Key objectives onky

Is there a way that I can only see the key objectives in the objectives section?

Hi Gemma,

Yes, but it’s a very hidden feature at the moment!

In the objectives toolbar, look for the box saying “Search Objectives…”. In there type key:true and click the search icon.

That should filter your objectives to just the bolded “key” ones.

To clear the search, click the cross icon to right of the search box.

Thank you.
Is there a way of seeing the % secure to date just for the key objectives?

Hi @Gemma_Western, thanks for your question! We have a number of alternative objectives summary options which can replace or be added to the default Average Depth and % Secured. To help with your query, I’ve added one called % Secured of Key to your account. This shows the % of objectives a pupil has secured out of all the ones marked as key in the year they’re “Working Within”.

You should now be able to see that information on the objectives grids, on each pupil’s report page, and in your Cohort reports. Let us know if you need any help exploring the data.

If anyone has questions about what other summary information is available, or ideas for other data you’d like to see, let us know!