Learning behaviours


We just wondered if there is anywhere on Insight that we can add / enter learning behaviours against individual children?



Hi @Carla_Oldfield, you can track pretty much anything in Insight. The best way to do it will depend on what sort of analysis you want to be able to do.

In terms of workload, I’d be inclined to suggest a new Objectives grid called Learning Behaviours, with the behavioural aspects (eg Resilience) as statements. You’d end up with something like the example I’ve created below. This allows for a simple level of analysis - so I can see that Toby needs some help with his Learning Behaviours straight away:

This will also create a subject on a pupil’s report page called, eg, Learning Behaviours, which lets you see changes over time:

And you’ll be able to do cohort analysis on this subject with all the usual reports, eg:

If you wanted to be able to do more detailed analysis on each of the behaviours, you’d need to track these as separate summative assessments in their own right. You could have each as a separate subject (which lets you view them all together in an Overview report), or as separate assessments within an overall subject (tidier, and still easily analysable via a Tables report)

Let me know what you think!