Locking the names and assessment bands

When inputting data on the data mark sheet, the names of the assessment bands at the top of the mark sheet and the children’s names on the left disappear when I reach the bottom half and right hand side of the mark sheet. How can I lock the top row and the left column in place so that I can still see them when I am inputting data in the bottom right of the mark sheet?

Is this on the Enter Data > School Assessment page? That is meant to lock the names in place when scrolling, so it might be something we have to fix if not. Can you also say what web browser and version you’re using?

Hi, using Microsoft Edge.
Yes, it is the Enter Data>School Assessment page.

I’ve just logged on using Google Chrome and the names and subjects lock in place.

I’m glad it’s working in Chrome. I think some older versions of Edge may not work, but the latest version (87) should be OK.