More than four colours for evaluating assessments

Currently Insight has four possible colours for showing the evaluation of assessments:

Red (below)
Orange (warning)
Green (expected)
Blue (above)

Occasionally we’ve been asked if it’s possible to have more colours available. For example, a purple option (for really above), or shades of green and blue to further differentiate pupils’ achievement.

The four-colour system is built into the fabric of Insight, and a lot of work would be needed to make this change. But if it would be useful for lots of you then of course we’ll look at it! Let us know your thoughts!

For me, although we haven’t started properly using Insight yet, I can see that the four colours would do all that we need it to - we have 4 judgements that we make against our children so it fits perfectly.

Four is plenty for us too.


I think 4 is plenty. Otherwise by adding more colours you are infact recreating a levelling and sub-levelling system. Please do not do that!!!
Next you’ll be labelling reddy orange as ‘2c’ and orange as ‘2b’ !
KEEP IT SIMPLE. is my motto
Mike Warren

Good to know! If this becomes a deal breaker for several schools done the line, we’d probably look at customising their accounts rather than making this a feature for everyone. We’re definitely on board with keeping the core of Insight as simple as possible!

Is there a way of changing the colours to suit our current system.

Hi @Eamonn_Kelly, it’s not possible to change the colouring system of Red/Amber/Green/Blue at the moment. We haven’t had many requests to change this, so currently we’re in favour of keeping it simple. What sort of change did you have in mind?

We’d be keen to have another colour (e.g. purple) to differentiate between our Aboves and Greater Depths. But only having 4 colours is not a deal-breaker in any way.

We deliberately keep it simple, so 4 is ideal.