New Early Learning Goals

Is Insight ready for the early adopters of the new EYFS curriculum?

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Plans are in place to add the new Early Learning Goals for the next academic year. Now that we have received final plans from the government, our developers have started working on this. We are confident it will be in place, ready to use when you return after the holidays.

We are using the ‘Early Adopters Guidance’ from the DfE website but if you have any other information that you feel would be useful, please could you email it to us?


I have read your article about the new development matters and new ELGs. Will the headings be available for us to use this half term? If schools choose to use - as covered in your article, below typical, working at, above typical - will this be built in or would this need setting up?

Many thanks

Thank you for all your feedback for the new EYFS Curriculum.

Our data guru, James Pembroke, has put together this guide which explains the main changes.

While the new EYFS guidelines clarify certain aspects of Early Years assessment, they also allow more freedom in certain areas.

As there is plenty of flexibility in the way the new curriculum can be set up, it would be helpful to discuss these changes with you. Please could you book a System Customisation by clicking here. In this appointment, we can discuss the various options available and get Insight set up to suit your needs.

Please get in touch with the support team if you need any more information.