New pupil added comes up in wrong year group - help to change

Hi there,

Cannot fathom how to alter the year group for a child. I have a new girl started, who is in Year 4 but, after adding her she has been automatically placed in year 3. How do I change this?


I’ve had this too! Would love to know how to change this - I tried via the pupil admin page to no avail.

Hi @Robin_Smith and @Joanna_Wood, thanks for your question! Currently there’s no way for you to do this in Insight (sorry for any frustration caused). If you email with the pupil details we’ll get right on it.

It’s a manual process on our part at the moment because when we change a pupil’s year groups we have to check on a case by case basis whether any data needs to be moved, for technical reasons to do with assessments having academic years as well as year groups.

We may well build this into Insight at some point in the future if we can think of a way to add it in a user-friendly way, so I’ve made a note to keep you posted.

Thank you Sarah - makes sense. I’ll send a message with the child who needs to move!

Thank you for your prompt support.