New pupil info column options for table reports

The Tables report has always had a “Pupil Info” column option, but the types of info available to display were limited.

We’ve now added some more, including: Interventions/Groups, Pupil Premium, FSM, EAL and Ethnicity.

Also, there’s a new option under the Group Pupils button to group pupils by “All Intervention/Groups”. This is a great way to quickly see which pupils are in each intervention/group.

Let us know if there are other useful things you’d like to see!

This is, for me, extremely useful. Thank you and well done.

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Really enjoying using tables (!) but I find I get confused when editing a table and saving, to find that it replaces the previous. A ‘Save as’ or a ‘Clone’ function (i.e. prior to editing) would enable me to replicate what I’ve done with 1 year group. I guess this is new ‘feature request’ please.

Thanks Paul. I’ve added this feature request to our list.

Fab! To be able to ‘save as’ would be very useful, especially when creating similar tables.