Objective level reporting

Would it be possible to get a report that shows the numbers/names of pupils assessed as 0,1,2 and 3 for each objective? So, list the objectives and then have 4 columns labelled 0-3 and list the names (or numbers if anonymous data required) of pupils in each column as appropriate.

Hope that makes sense?

It’s an interesting idea. Who would this kind of report be useful for? What questions does it need to answer?

By the way, this could be prototyped by downloading the objectives grid to excel, then adding some “COUNTIF” formula magic :wink:

a school asked for it for planning purposes. Enables easy identification of areas of weakness in the curriculum.

You could also use the Sort button on the Objectives page, to sort Objectives by Average Depth or % Secure. This would visually put together all the areas of weakness.