Option to ignore 'No Data' children

When creating an Attainment or Progress Table, it would be useful to have a tick-box option to let us choose whether to ignore or include any children who have ‘No Data’ and recalculate the percentages accordingly.

Hi @Adam_Gilson, thanks for this suggestion. I can see the benefit and have added this to our list of requests!

Hi, Similar to ‘no data’ children.
Ability to choose to exclude specific children with or without data also useful -
Useful to answer questions like…
What if…(e.g.) Child with bereavement issues / history of exclusion / late arrival excluded?
Getting RaiseOnline to re-run SATS data with specific chn removed is a pain.

@Adam_Gilson @Paul_Batchelor Just to let you know that there’s now an option to “Exclude pupils with missing data” in the advanced options on the Cohorts > Overviews - Attainment report. Hope this comes in handy!

We’re still pondering the issue of excluding specific children. For now, you could add a tag (Intervention/group) to a particular child, then filter to all children NOT in that Intervention/group, if that makes sense?