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I wonder if anyone can help? I am a Forest School/Outdoor Learning Leader in my school and although I complete observations of the children I haven’t used Insight to track progress. Has anyone used Insight to do this and if so how? I’m very interested to see how Insight could be used.
Thank you for your time, it is really appreciated.

Hello @Lynn_Robinson, thanks for the question. I’ve shared your query via our Twitter page as well :slight_smile:

Hello Lynn
We have used Insight to track the progress of individual children who have attended Forest School. It is possible to set up Forest School as an intervention and you can then analyse the data for those children who attend Forest School as a group (and compare them with the other children) over a period of time between two summative assessment dates. We assess the children against the 17 EYFS aspects but I believe it is possible to set up bespoke assessment criteria if you wanted to assess particular characteristics, skills and concepts you hoped to track for the Forest School session. However we haven’t done this.
Insight is good for the analysis of quantitative data. We don’t use it to keep observations or for qualitative assessments - each child has a (paper) special book for this and that’s where we keep photos and written observations of each child’s time at Forest School.
Hope that’s helpful.

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Hi Maria,
Thank you so much for your message. I will have a go at setting this up for our Forest school tracking.