Overriding Prior Attainment

Is there are way to manually override the Prior Attainment groupings? Once we’ve worked who the children in each group actually are (using the DfE’s helpful update from September), I’d like to adjust the groups accordingly. Thanks.

Hi. Can you clarify which update you are referring to? I’m not aware of any guidance on prior attainment groupings for current year groups; just the primary accountability guidance, which defines the 24 prior attainment groupings for national progress measures for the 2018/19 year 6 cohort (i.e the last cohort with levels). The prior attainment bands in Insight (low/middle/high) relate to current cohorts without levels and are based on EYFSP or KS1 as appropriate.

Please can you post a link to the DfE update? If the DfE have clarified groupings for current year groups then we can take a look at that.

Just: Primary school accountability in 2019, A technical guide for primary maintained schools, academies and free schools, September 2019
Sorry to give you hope of new and useful information. There isn’t anything really new, but I’d just like my ‘low’, ‘middle’ and ‘high’ attaining groups to be the same bunch of children in Insight as well as in other data docs. Insight is my ‘go to’ for analysis, so I want to make it work just as well for SLT level meetings, looking at prior attainment for the current Year 6, who are still on old levels. I always feel the DfE leaves us all in the dark for so long, so would like to be ahead of the game. Thanks.