Overviews - Attainment - Pupil List


I am currently trying to use the Overviews - Attainment report for use within pupil progress meetings this year and whilst the graphic is brilliant with the breakdown, what I really need to be able to easily access when I print the data, is the names of children who are/aren’t achieving combined reading, writing and maths (as per the venn diagram). I know that I can see this when I hover over the venn but I would like to be able to print this; is there a way it can be done?

Many Thanks

Hello @Robert_Wade, thanks for the question! Unfortunately the lists of names in each part of the Venn diagrams can’t currently be printed, although this is on our radar as a common request.

An alternative for now would be to create a report via Tables > Cohorts, with an “A.R.E. Column” added. Set up as below, this column would give a Yes/No for whether children are achieving combined Reading/Writing/Maths for the Main Assessment, as an example:

That table column could then be sorted, to give you a downloadable/printable list of children achieving/not achieving in the three subjects combined. The (Term Parameter) option will give you a drop-down in the table to choose your term on the fly. Hope that helps?

Thank you for your quick reply.