Pupil names to track individuals

Hi, Is there a way to add pupil names to this report tool? I’d like to use it to see EYFS data per pupils to help tracking so I could see which pupil has which judgement each half term to identify progress.

Hi @Jade_Walker-Diggle, could I check which particular report you’re referring to there? It sounds as though you might be able to do what you want via the Cohorts > Tables report, for example by loading the EYFS cohort, clicking Open and choosing the table called “EYFS - Aspect Overview” (or we can help you set up something more custom).

When I had a go using the pivot table earlier in the year I could get it to look similar to this picture - this would be what would be useful.


Thanks for clarifying, Jade. Grouping by pupil names was a feature we had trialled before. I removed it because I wasn’t sure anyone would want it, given Cohorts > Tables does that in some way already. Also, I worried that it could be a little confusing if the report tried to say “% of pupils at/above expected” when there’s only one pupil. “Average attainment” is also a bit odd, since it’s just a single assessment.

However, I can see from your screenshot why you’d like the option again. I’ll need to discuss with the team!

Thank you - yes it is because in the tables section the table can show names and data - but it is huge as the 17 areas per child runs over many pages and you tend to mix up which columns are which - see image. We want to put it on 1 page and clearly see each areas per half term as in the previous photo I attached.

It would also be useful if the progress column was coloured also ( they are white in previous image) so that pupils who are below can still show they are making progress even if they are not attaining at the level expected for age/stage. (the tables option just shows red as they are below but doesn’t indicate that they are making any progress at quick glance without reading each number)


The option to have pupil names as row headers is back!

Average progress can be shown with colours. You have to fill in the “Expected Progress” box, so Insight knows how to evaluate the data.

yippee - thank you.very useful

This will be

How do I just get the attainment data (not % of or average) I just want the actual attainment data per term for each pupil in each area (as the image a few posts above.


Got it - sorry - I found it after