Reporting to Parents

It’s great to see options for reporting to parents and the ability to turn off and on the assessments we want to share.
To build on this it would be useful if there was a flexible option to include other aspects such as attendance, SEN, Intervention/Groups and the comments. This essentially makes a very easy and useful progress report.
This year we are adding comments to the pupil page as part of the reporting to parents, however the only option at the moment is to print the pupil page/assessments, with ALL the assessments and I think it’s too much for parents.

Thanks for the feedback. I hope we can make some time to improve parent reporting before the Summer term.


Just to be cheeky, there are a few things that it would be great to see included in Parent Reports:

  • Option to choose subject order (e.g. RWM, then foundation)
  • Option to specify period covered (e.g. just print objectives assessed since a certain date)
  • Option to not print objectives which have not been assessed
  • Option to print judgement label instead of number (e.g. ‘Secure’ or similar)

I appreciate that these all add a layer of complexity, but it would be great if they were available.

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Thanks for all these ideas. I reckon we can fix the ordering of subjects.

As for the other options, I’ll need to have a think about how we could add them without making that page overly complex!

Another teacher has requested a way to see “only statements that they have not yet achieved”. So it seems people want lots of different options.

The beauty of INSIGHT for me is its flexibility to cater for all the different needs and wants. So a reporting to parents option that allows you to turn on and off aspects would be the perfect solution!

Thanks Andrew,
You can please some of the people, some of the time… :laughing:

Yes! Reports are beginning to peek (loom?) over the horizon that is the Summer Term!
We’ve loved using the Download Pupil Report option and feel that this would be very useful for parents. The colour-coding makes them so clear.
We’d really like to be able to add boxes for teacher comments for the core subjects, which we could then type into, just to finish them off.
Thank you.

This sounds like a really positive idea.

Would it be possible to add the ability to add a school logo at the top and attendance for the year?


Thanks for all the ideas and feedback. There’s lots to consider, but I hope to get some of it implemented later this term.

I’ve read all of this with much interest.
Having played with Cohorts » Parent Reports » In-Year Assessments
I would also like considered:

  1. Unless otherwise given, the ‘Entry’ term assessment to be the same as the previous school year year-end assessment (though I could see why some might want this turn-on-or-off-able)

  2. The upper margin of the pdf download (or HTML download) to be set further down the page, enabling schools to print onto headed paper. I’m imagining this is relatively simple to do? (I’m using the rather excellent free app PDFill to apply this margin change after download to do this).

  3. Pupil details - the Year number (or current date?) is also helpful as I could imaging these being collected over time.

Thanks as always for excellent work,

Hi - I’m just looking into redesigning our summer term reports and was wondering whether or not to hold off and wait to see what you roll out? We will almost certainly use your existing report format as it is for reporting on attainment throughout the year. I was considering preparing another template for general comments etc that could be added to it for parents but if this is something you were planning to share soon e.g. the next couple of weeks then I will hold fire. Any updates would be appreciated or if you have shared this elsewhere then I apologise! Just let me know where it is.
Kind Regards

I’ve been speaking to another school about summer reports. What we’ve discussed is providing a way for Insight to record the various class/head teacher comments for each pupils. Then provide an Excel download of all assessments and comments, which can be used to mail merge Word documents.

Using Word documents and mail merge will allow for maximum customisation. However we may provide an initial template for those less confident with mail merge!

I don’t have a firm time frame yet. However, I’m hoping to have a proper review of the development next week.

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That sounds amazing - thanks. Our admin team are pretty familiar with mail merge so I think that would be great. Will keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the quick response.

This is probably too late for you now, but we have a beta version of the custom parent reporting to try out. Let me know if you’d like to see it.

Yes please!
(Now I have to complete at least 20 characters). Great work, Insight team!

I’ve switched the feature on for your school, Paul. Find it under Cohorts > Parent Reports > Custom Parent Reports.

There is currently no documentation though! I think Jamie is making a video soon.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. For example, if you need more than one comment “slot” e.g. adding a Head’s comment alongside a teacher comment.

Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask or not - so apologies. I love the parent reports and have watched the webinar which was great. A quick question re format of comments. The comments when they appear in the boxes on the downloaded report appear to be justified and therefore creates large spaces between words. I have turned off the justification in the template and from the source file where the comments are copied from but it still occurs. Any advice? Kind regards, Jody.