SAT Percentages

I have just made a table for Year 2 Summer 2 SAT, using the assessment parameter where it shows WTS/EXS/GDS ETC. The colour coding is great and really helps it to point out pupils who maybe are behind in one individual area to focus on etc. However, it does not show any percentages at the bottom, obviously I know that I can use the ARE parameter that shows a yes/no, but a percentage function on the SAT grade, maybe showing pupils at expected or above would be great! Thanks

Hi Jonathan,

The summary row of the table report is a bit limited right now. As an alternative, try using “Cohorts > Overviews - Attainment”. You should be able to select your Y2 Summer 2 SAT assessments there, and it will give you a chart showing percentages who achieved the various grades.

We have some plans to enhance the Tables report in the future too!