Scatter Plot charts

This may be one for the long list, but it would be great to have scatter plots to compare two data sets.
For example, we compare standardised or scaled scores in different terms using scatter plots to identify those pupils who have switched from one side of a threshold to the other or similar.

Ah… scrap that. Just seen it on the trello board :slight_smile:

Jamie is very keen for scatter plots as well, so it’ll definitely get added eventually!

I’ve been trying to think about how best to fit them into Insight without just adding yet another report. My current thinking is to create a general “Progress” report that subsumes Progress Overviews and Progress Matrix. It would need to intelligently look at the data and suggest useful ways to compare them.

Could it be as simple as a toggle in the progress matrix screen?
Obviously not all data that works in a matrix can also be plotted as a scatterplot, but the similarities are such that it might be a useful link…?

But then, you may already have thought of other reasons why it’s more like the progress overviews…

This is something I have seen on the trello and looking forward to using it. Although we use the progress matrix a lot as well, so like @Michael_Tidd1 said maybe a toggle to choose how you see the data, matrix or scatter graph.