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I was just wondering if it would be possible to create a ‘school on a page’ report? I currently transfer data from Insight into my own format that includes EYFS GLD (3 year trend), EYFS end of year attainment, KS1 SATS (school vs national 3 year trend), KS2 SATS (school vs national 3 year trend attainment & progress) and in year attainment for each year group (Entry, Autumn, Spring, Summer).
It is really helpful for leaders and governors as an ‘at a glace report’.
I’m happy to send this to you if it helps to see what I mean.

We’ve been having a think about this. I can see why it would be a very useful report!

One challenge for us is a school who’ve just started using Insight may not have complete data from past years. For example, a pupil who left school last year should have their data included in the percentages, but they might not be on Insight.

I’m not sure what others would think but I would be happy with a report that just included data for pupils currently on roll. I guess if people wanted this report they would be willing to find and upload the relevant historical data.

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Hi. Definitely keen to do something along those lines but there are issues as Andrew explains. If we based the EYFS and KS1 results on pupils currently in school then it is likely to include those that did the assessment elsewhere, and not include those that have left. This is mainly and issue for new users of Insight that don’t have the history in the system. As an interim measure i’m going to work on something next week, which i’ll put on my blog and will provide a link on the website.

Thanks. I will keep a look out for it. I have uploaded a picture of the one I currently use just in case I wasn’t making sense in my original message.

I like this A LOT! We also make our own crib sheet (although our version is a little more amateur) to share with SLT, MLT and governors, so having this as an automatic function would be massively helpful.

I have just seen this feature request and wondered if this has gone any further please?
It does appear to be a really good ‘overview’ - although I can understand your reservations re. pupils on roll issue.
Please could you provide me with an update.
Many thanks

We’ve not made any progress with this within Insight yet.

Jamie has created an Excel tool, see which might of use.

I’m currently trying to see what historical data can be extracted from schools’ MIS. In theory, previous years statutory assessments will exist there. It would be very useful if we can pull that data out and generate some nice reports!

I’ve just seen this request and wondered if it had happened. It would be an enormous help.