Selecting particular key groups

Also, would you be able to add a filter to select only certain key groups (such as 2 particular ethnicity codes) to compare data? I have tried the filter tool already but it shows all in the category and does not show them to compare. eg: If I wanted to see White British Pupils vs all others.

Hi @Jade_Walker-Diggle, are you testing out the new Headlines report, or somewhere else? I believe there are plans to add more grouping options to that report, but not sure what will/won’t be included yet…

I’m liking the new report Sarah - really good.
I agree with Jade that the ability to select the groups you want would be really helpful so we can get the view we want/need. Could this be a custom key groups setting that is set up in the school’s own settings?

We want to add the full list of pupil grouping options. It might end up being a rather long menu though!

Thanks @Elliot_Howles. As @andrewdavey said above, but just FYI we can also customise what appears as your Key Groups to some extent. Let us know what you’d like to see there!

Yes I’m testing the headlines report - Thanks