SEN objectives from Dfe pre key stage statements

Hi all
I’m new here and am excited about the offer here at insight.

We have a number of newly and recently qualified staff in school this year. I’m aware their job in providing the best for our SEN children is perhaps one of the trickiest areas as their appreciation of previous steps of learning will be limited. We currently use PIVATs, but I’m very keen to centralise everything on ONE system. Has anyone had any joy with using the DfE prekey stage statements in their objective lists?….pdf

Any ideas would be appreciated.



Hi Ruth. We could certainly set up pre-key stage statements in addition to national curriculum statements. These could appear above your current objectives in the objective grids, or could be stored as separate subjects eg Reading (PKS). I’m sure some schools have already done this (they certainly did with the interim pre-key stage frameworks).

The issue with this is that the frameworks only really apply to the end of key stage, and would not work for eg a pupil that is in year 5 working at year 3 or 4 standard. PK standards 5-6 are for pupils working below standard of KS2; PK1-4 are for those pupils working below standard of KS1. Therefore, you’d probably need some extra ‘below’ bands and standards to define those in KS2 cohorts that are working a year or so below. It could get complicated.

You can certainly set it up, and it may be a useful reference tool (especially when making end key stage assessments for pupils working below the standard of the test). I’m just not sure it’s an effective or appropriate ongoing tracking tool.

Perhaps it’s worth setting it up and seeing how you get on? Happy to have a chat about on phone.