SEN or low attaining pupils - how to show progress

How can I use Insight to demonstrate progress of children who perhaps ended last year as well below and will continue to be well below in their current year. We are updating previous years objectives as the child improves/secures them.

Is Insight generating objectives summary data for you e.g. Average Depth, % Secure? If so, you should be able to see them on the Pupils page. That will give an idea of a pupil making progress. For example, the Average Depth may have increased.

If you need more help, please contact . We’ll need to know which school you’re from, since each one can have a different set up.

I am wondering whether I am misunderstanding as if you click ‘orange’ for progressively tricky; newly-taught objectives, won’t the ‘% secure’ and the average depth be altered - not always demonstrating progress?
As the objectives children learn will/may become more challenging for them - no matter what ability ( SEND or other) , won’t the average depth and security reduce as less are clicked ‘green’ so % secure goes down and the average depth also reduces?
Generally progress clear where you advise, but there may be random pupils who have learnt but not secured.

Hi Rachael,

Thanks for following up on this. You’re absolutely right that a pupil might start making progress towards some new objectives, but having not secured them yet, their Average Depth measure may go down. Average Depth, and the other objective summaries, weren’t designed to be used in isolation because of issues like this.

Finding one number which accurately represents various types of progress in different years/subjects and for different types of pupils, is very difficult. Talking about progress at this detailed level in Insight is designed to be more conversational, taking the different pieces of information into account. For example, although Average Depth would have gone down, their % Covered would have gone up.

That said, schools have come up with alternative options, which are worth considering:

  1. Some schools are making teacher assessments of progress alongside their teacher assessments of attainment (eg Small Steps, Steady, Rapid). This is an elegant solution which puts the final say with the teacher rather than a formula, if you don’t mind the extra assessment workload.

  2. For schools using objectives, some are using different summary data points to help them talk about progress at this level. For example, you might want to see the total score, rather than the Average. We’re able to add different types of simple summary to help you look at the data in a way that makes sense to you.

  3. Some schools are using P Scales grids or similar to track smaller steps of progress for children who are working below their curriculum year. This can be a good way to get insight into what these children can and can’t do, despite them remaining ‘Well Below’ on the main curriculum grids. We’ve seen schools using PIVATS, B-Squared and other systems, either to enter formative assessments (but do consider the workload!) or to enter a summative grade to show individual progression for these pupils.

Would really appreciate your thoughts!

I’ve been having a lot of these conversations lately, so a couple more things spring to mind:

  1. For pupils who are always working below, you can show the progress they’re making towards objectives in the curriculum year they’re “Working Within”. For example, you might have a Y6 pupil who’s actually working within Y3. Insight can show you any Average Depth or % Secured increases over a period of time that they’ve made against the Y3 curriculum

  2. Some schools using Point In Time Assessment models have a range of options for pupils working below, along these lines:

>3 yrs below
2 yrs below
1 yr below
Just below

  1. You don’t have to show all kinds of progress in a tracking system. If you think it’s more appropriate, it’s perfectly reasonable to show progress for particular pupils by looking at their books, other documentation, etc.

There are so many options - it really comes down to thinking about how you’d like to be able to show progress for your SEN pupils, and then talking to us about how that can be set up in Insight.

Any other ideas gratefully received!

Is there any way that Insight can show the % of objectives achieved in multiple year groups? For example i have a Y6 pupil in maths who is working on objectives from Y3, Y4 and Y5 - Can insight generate a ‘total’ % increase and show which year groups this increase comes from therefore showing a pupil who is below ARE is still making progress?

Insight could be configured to calculate the percentage of secure objectives, out of ALL objectives from all year groups. The Insight support team should be able to help with that.