Sneak Peek: Updates to the Objectives Grids

A sneak peek of what’s ahead for Insight’s objectives page:

This is a work in progress (for example, we haven’t re-written the Download feature yet) but we’d love to hear any thoughts!

Love this! We are currently wrestling with the data for children who are working on a curriculum for a lower year group than the one they are currently in. This will help us greatly.

Would there be a way of showing year 1 children who are still working on achieving their ELG?


Hi Jo, that’s great to hear! That’s an interesting one. Usually EYFS statements are kept on their own grids, but you could potentially add another row onto your main Reading grid called “ELG” and repeat the ELG statement there. I think that would let you do what you’re asking.

Love the improvements! Helps to get an overall picture more easily.

Great - I’d like to try this - is it something I can do myself? Thanks,Jo

You will be able to, once this all goes live, but I’ve made a note to get in touch at the time and give you a hand getting set up!

Wonderful - thank you!

This looks great, really useful, especially having last term’s assessment!

Hi, this looks great. Much easier to look back at previous objectives. I like the fact you can override the working within section. Just wondering, because they Y3-4 objectives for English are the same, will this still be the case? Or have they been split in some way? Otherwise we are remarking the same objectives as the previous year. Hope that makes sense.

Hi Kirsty, thanks for the feedback. That’s exactly what we’re going for - making it easier to see information about earlier years. Don’t worry, if your objectives span different periods (eg if you have Y3-4 instead of Y3 and Y3) then that’s what you’ll see on your school’s grids. You won’t have to do any re-marking.

Thank you. I have y3, 4, 5, 6 so will make my life a whole lot easier.

We have found that, having some children working on a lower curriculum than their year group, we have to ‘remember’ these children when looking at the attainment and progress reports. When we show pupil’s names, will it be possible to highlight these children some how?

At the moment, I have done this by creating an intervention group with these children in, so we can group them out of the main children, however at times, we need to see these children included in the overall percentages for things like progress?


For a pupil working out of year, the Average Depth should include the year prefix. So for example a Y6 pupil working at Y3 level would show something like: Y3 1.3

Insight will evaluate “out-of-year” data as being well below expected - so will be red in any reports.

There is a problem though when trying to average data from a cohort where some pupils are out-of-year. I don’t thing it’s correct to mix the Average Depth or % Secured numbers if they’re drawing from different parts of the curriculum. So Insight will exclude the out-of-year data from the average.

This is a tricky issue! I’m happy to discuss in more detail if you need to know more.