Subject attainment overview

Is there a way that I can download the objectives grid in a more printer-friendly way? Our new “gap analysis” meetings will need us to print off a summary grid of the whole year group to show the gaps, as well as another for PP children - basically, the format that Jamie suggested on 4/7/16. If I download the objective grid into Excel, it spread over 16 pages, . so it would take a lot of editing for staff to make it usable - I don’t want to do anything to risk scaring them off!

Printing is definitely a pain!

We’re open to ideas on how to fit more on a page. I can’t see a way round repeating the objective statements on each page.

The only thing that springs to mind is to rotate the pupils’ names and have slightly narrower columns. But you may end up with a really tall first row then, to fit the names in, and not save much. Worth a try our end though.

Also, if you print in portrait mode and with narrow margins, this seems to save several pages!

Sorry @Hayley_Earl, think I misunderstood your question there! Sounds like the need is really for a different report (Jamie’s summary report). @andrewdavey and I will have a brainstorm.