Summary reports for parents

I see that you can download a pupil report from the objectives section, but currently these can quickly become unwieldy - particularly if we add non-core subjects.
I would like to see a report which could show all the assessed objectives within a given period (e.g. a term, or whole academic year), and the the judgement written next to it, rather than grouping and dating them. So, for example, the report might look roughly like:


  1. To be able to read single letter graphemes____________Secure
  2. To be able to read digraphs________________________Some evidence
  3. To be able to read War and Peace___________________Not Yet Understood
  4. To be able to read own name______________________Secure
    (underlines just used to show the alignment roughly)

Thus a full summary of all subjects might fit on a few pages, rather than being spread across 10 or more.

Hi @Michael_Tidd1, thanks for the feedback. Definitely open to thoughts on how we can improve the downloadable reports generally. If you fancy having a call to discuss in more detail let me know at

Those reports on the objectives grids should already include only statements which have been assessed… changing the timeframe and grouping options would definitely be valuable, but I’m not sure whether you’d end up with many fewer pages. I wonder if we could format the reports a little differently to get more statements fitting on a page.