Summer term data 2020

What are schools doing about data for the summer term. Should we leave it blank or put children where they were assessed in the spring term?

Hi @Claire_Clinton, thanks for the useful question. I’ll share this on our Twitter page to see if anyone wants to chip in with their plans.

I started inputting a (none) for main assessments for the summer term with a note in the comments box with words to the effect of ‘this assessment didn’t happen due to school closure’. This is quite a fiddly procedure as copying and pasting the above statement into each comment box needs to be done separately for each child, and for each subject.

I also found a way to make (none) appear for assessment data by adding a similar note but not adding a score, but again this is fiddly.

I have emailed Insight inquiring as to whether they are working on either a way to add comments like I suggest above more quickly, or perhaps even if they could add an option to select a ‘no assessment taken due to closure’ option specifically for this purpose, and therefore a comment not being needed at all.

I think this is important to show on Insight so that in years to come so we can quickly and easily see what was missed by children as they move up through the school.

I’ll let you know if this goes anywhere!


I am interested to know how you added none - the no assessment taken would be good. I will keep checking to see for insights response.


We have set Danny up with a new mark scheme with a single assessment - ‘COVID-19 School Closed’. These marks will appear in the ‘No data’ section of your reports and you can filter them out of any results. However, the assessment will be clearly labelled so you shouldn’t have to write anything in the comments section.

Danny is currently trying this out but please contact customer support - - if you would like this added to your school’s Insight so you can see if it works for you. We can modify the language to suit your school needs.


It works great so far, thanks Tom