Tables - organisation


We are starting to create quite a number of saved Table formats for use by the teachers in school.
Due to this, our list of tables that are shown when we click ‘open’, is long!

We would love to be able to organise our tables into folders - allowing teachers easier / quick access to the tables that they need at various points in the year.

Is this possible?

Oh and also - is it possible to delete tables that I’ve made that are not needed any more?

Hi Jo,

I reckon we can combine and reduce quite a lot of your tables. There are some advanced features which I can talk you through. Give me a call when you’ve got a free moment.

To delete a table, first open it and then click Edit Table. In the sidebar that appears on the left, there is a button to Delete Table.

Best regards,

Thanks Andrew - I will give you a call to discuss, and thank you, I’ve been deleting tables no longer needed!