Term dates linked to Insight?

I notice that when I enter data in, Insight automatically knows that I am entering the data for ‘Spring 1’. Assuming that this is linked by date - who sets these dates? Is it me? If so, where do I change them?

I would like to set a deadline for staff to complete ‘Spring 1’ judgements but I obviously need to make sure Insight recognises the same deadline. eg: If I give the deadline as 8th March, how do I get Insight to also recognise 8th March as end of Spring 1?

Right now term dates are hard-coded into Insight. However, we’re working on a feature to make them customisable. I’m hoping to get that into the live system later this week.

I’ll make a note to let you know once it’s ready.

This is now fixed!

You can now tell Insight about your school’s term dates, which will stop Insight rolling over into the next term too early (which we know can be a pain on the Objectives page!) Administrators can update these at Admin > Change School Settings > Term Dates. No need to update terms which have already passed.